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Inspire Partnership Core Offer 2017/2018

Posted on May 26th 2017Professional Development News

We are now ready to announce details of our Core Offer for 2017/2018. We are really keen to expand our network with more schools participating/collaborating. 

Investment in staff growth has the biggest impact on school improvement.  Integral to our approach, is a philosophy that teachers learn best in collaboration where we can reflect, refine thinking and evaluate our learning in a supportive environment.  Our provision for CPD is developed collaboratively by staff based on careful analysis of impact in schools and evaluation of what staff feel works best for them. 

The professional development programmes are all designed with teachers and include opportunities to engage in research on multiple levels.  We use evidence to inform practice and promote opportunities for teachers to share impact of their learning as part of all CPD experiences.  Teachers who take part in our programmes are encouraged to give away their best ideas so that the learning from each other builds a powerful network for continuous school improvement. 

For more information on the Core Offer or Individual Programmes that we are offering, please contact Claire Rand 020 3260 7500 for more information.

Core offer package