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Cross School Collaboration

Posted on December 6th 2017Partnership News +1 More Professional Development News

We continue to work, share and collaborate across our trust of schools. This term we have been busy with a number of events, activities and working parties sharing work and growth together. Some of these include:

  • Moderation sessions

Moderation sessions have been held for all year groups across the partnership over the last month. Thank you to all who attended and led the sessions.

  • Assessment Working Parties

In PDM times these groups have been exploring what greater depth looks like across our curriculum

  • Shared Server

We have launched a shared server encouraging collaboration with regards to planning and looking at standardizing resources across out partnership. The server will support teachers to share and collaborate on resources

  • Action Research group

This group is launching later this term and will be exploring the latest research and findings on teacher workload.

  • Maths calculation policy

Led by Melissa Molnar at Woodhill this policy has been successful created, circulated and implemented across our schools to ensure the coverage and progression of teaching and learning in maths is mapped out in line with expectations of the new curriculum

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