Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the future for our children through partnership and collaboration.  We aim to create a climate where excellence flourishes as a result of outstanding leadership, engaging teaching and high quality learning; placing children at the centre of all we do.  

Our Partnership Values

Aspiration – we dare to dream that anything is possible

Innovation – we create unique and un-trodden pathways to success

Trust – we unleash greater possibilities when we learn together

Determination – we are persistent, challenging and continuously striving for better

Excellence – is achieved from our shared commitment, hard work and unwarranted optimism

Our Mission

We take collective responsibility of learning for everyone in our partnership:  we are stronger together when harnessing the potential within our schools.  We believe that all members of our community are assets with unique gifts to offer.  We aspire for all of our children to be:

  • Confident learners - who are motivated, independent and curious about the world
  • Powerful learners - who have the confidence and skills to make a difference
  • Ambitious learners - for both themselves and our communities

Our Core Learning Principles

We are redefining how we support teacher development, creating opportunities for sharing best practice and spreading school based expertise within and beyond our schools.  Through partnership and collaboration, we are a source of creative energy, unleashing the talents and skills within our schools so that we inspire the future generation. Our core priniciples of learning are:

•          We are all lifelong learners who learn better together

•          Diversity is celebrated and used to provide unique learning experiences

•          Parents and families are partners in education

•          Quality learning happens when learners are stimulated and challenged

•          Learning experiences connect with real life and problem solving

•          Exciting and varied opportunities for educational visits enhance our learning

•          High expectations for all children ensures everyone makes good progress and achieves their best

•          We learn best through collaboration

•          Learning is personalised to individuals’ needs

•          Learners develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to be confident users of technology

Our Schools

Woodhill Primary SchoolFoxfield Primary SchoolRockliffe Manor SchoolMaundene Primary SchoolElaine Primary School