School Improvement

The Inspire Partnership is currently leading school improvement support, locally and nationally in a number of ways.  The school improvement programmes are making a significant difference with tangible impact measures.  By offering more schools an opportunity to work with us in genuine collaboration, we aim to:

  • Strengthen pedagogy and harness innovative teaching and learning across our schools.
  • Deepen school leadership through high quality training and focused self-evaluation programmes.
  • Improve outcomes for pupils with increased opportunities for pupils to learn together and from each other.

    By offering schools an opportunity to join our partnership and work collaboratively together, this presents a real opportunity for colleagues to play a key role in shaping the future.   Our partnership builds leadership capacity across schools, is dynamic and provides new, exciting opportunities for teachers and leaders to learn from each other.

An example of some Outreach Work that we have completed

Our Schools

Woodhill Primary SchoolFoxfield Primary SchoolRockliffe Manor SchoolMaundene Primary SchoolElaine Primary School