Our Vision and Values

Visions and Values

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to transform the future for our children through partnership and collaboration. Placing children at the centre of all we do, we aim to create a climate where excellence flourishes as a result of outstanding leadership, engaging teaching and high quality learning.


Our Core Values

  • Collaboration matters because this creates shared agency amongst staff, pupils and our wider communities. We are stronger together and can achieve more through working in partnership.

  • Excellence in everything is a core value because we believe learning is an artform, measured best through the journey and the quality of the outcome. Excellence is inclusive because it creates a shared expectation in everyone to achieve.

  • Community first connects our mission to transform lives with our vision to ensure pupils have the skills, qualities and attitudes to achieve the very best. Leadership behaviours for everyone are rooted in serving communities, especially those who need us most.

  • Equity for everyone exists to ensure we are fair, enact ethical leadership and strive to remove barriers to learning wherever they exist.

  • Continuous growth applies to us as leaders of learning as much as children discovering the joy of learning. We all have the capacity to grow new skills, learn knowledge and gain new experiences. We grow best in a climate of trust, reciprocity and connectedness.

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