Our School Improvement 

All schools within the Inspire Partnership have improved rapidly from a low performance baseline. Through partnership and collaboration, the quality of teaching and learning has been transformed and the strength of leadership has deepened. This impact has been recognised through our peer-led Challenge Partners school reviews and by Ofsted.  

Our improvement philosophy is one which places relationships at the centre of our work.  We believe schools get better through ethical, learning-centred leadership. We lead through our values and ensure teaching is as focused on learning dispositions as it is on nurturing rich knowledge and skills.   

We encourage visits to all of our schools and believe we have a responsibility to promote and support system-led school improvement. Feedback from schools and organisations who have visited us includes:

“Continuing professional development is a strength across the school and leaders utilise opportunities across the partnership to coach and mentor staff, so that they can extend their expertise by supporting staff in partner schools. Leaders ‘talent spot’ and then nurture and develop staff so that they can accelerate the teaching skills of, and support for, NQTs. NQTs plus one are extremely well supported by the executive leadership team.”

Comment from Challenge Partners QA Reviews of Inspire schools

School-to-school Support

The Inspire Partnership also impacts on schools outside of the trust through school-to-school support, excellence days, inset training, professional development programmes and mutual school visits. To enquire about school-to-school support visit this section of the website

In the past two years we have supported school improvement work in areas across the country including Knowsley, South Gloucestershire, Doncaster, Medway, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Wiltshire, Northumberland and a range of London boroughs.

"I left your amazing school truly in awe and inspired. One of the highlights for me was meeting your class ambassadors. They spoke with such confidence and pride about their learning."

Visiting headteacher from South Gloucestershire


"We'd like to express our sincere gratitude for welcoming us to your schools last week. From beginning to end we really were immersed in the practice and thinking which underpins your teaching and learning. It has sparked a lot of conversation both between us, and with other colleagues, as we develop our curriculum, so a huge thank you! Likewise thank you for such a well organised visit, and for such a warm welcome. We know that every school is busy, and to have dedicated your time and expertise is really appreciated."

Visiting school leaders from Kent


"I was blown away by your passion, inspiration and dedication - what wonderful practitioners you are and how lucky are the children who go to your school - kudos to you all and your staff. What wonderful art work is presented in your school and what commitment there is to hold on to the values which underpin your curriculum. You have given me a real burst of energy and I look forward to including your case study in my art and design chapter"

Visiting lecturer from University of Greenwich

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of our school-to-school support packages, please contact us at or 020 7993 3601. 

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