Why Choose our Trust

Why Choose Our Trust

Why Choose our Trust

We are a relationship-driven, values-led partnership formed from an informal collaboration between schools in Greenwich and Medway.  In just a few years, we have flipped the notion that improvements are driven by instructional levers.  Our philosophy for school improvement is very much one of collaboration first and ‘bottom up’ leadership.  Our schools all have a history of rapid and sustained improvement because of the relationships formed between staff, leaders and the community.  

We would love more schools to join us on our journey, either as an associate member or as a trust school.  We have a compelling vision to transform lives through partnership and collaboration, and are keen to expand our connections with more schools.  Together, everyone achieves more!

What Can We Offer?

The partnership provides a network for collaboration on multiple levels.  We deliver professional development in a range of areas including initial teacher training, leadership coaching and curriculum development. We work with schools across the country and can provide schools with access to a range of tools, research thinking and opportunities to learn from each other.  

We also employ a strong central team who work with schools to navigate the challenges of school improvement.  This includes HR leadership, financial management and programme development.  Schools who are part of our trust have the security of knowing that there is always someone available to support.  

We also have a range of school improvement materials to guide and support schools.  Teachers collaborate to develop shared planning, resources to enable deep learning and a rich curriculum that helps pupils make sense of a complex world.  We are firm in our belief that when children come first, there is nothing we cannot achieve. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the CEO, Rob Carpenter, at ceo@inspirepartnership.co.uk

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