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Curriculum Design by Melissa Carpenter

Curriculum Design by Melissa Carpenter

At the Inspire Partnership, curriculum reform is firmly on the agenda. Over the last academic year, leaders from across our five schools have been working together to redesign our offer to children. The big question we wanted to be able to answer was:

Does our curriculum prepare students for 'being in the world but not be at the centre of it’ in a complex, modern society? 

Our starting point was to review current research and different models of curriculum. Following this we agreed our own curriculum intent which can be summarized as:

The function of teaching and curriculum is to ensure young people are enabled to find their place in the world but not be at the centre of it.  A purposeful curriculum includes knowledge and skills, but taught in a much more fluid and dynamic way than the ‘traditional’ curriculum model would usually lend itself to.  In other words, the role of teaching is to ensure students are able to apply knowledge and extend thinking, but crucially for them to do this in order to critically make sense of the world they inhabit. Teachers therefore have to model more than being teachers. They become curious learners who show children how to connect their knowledge and skills to the wider world.

To read more about our curriculum offer please refer to the documents below:

Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Map

Year 2 Curriculum Blog

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