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Inspire Partnership & The Synaptic Trust

Inspire Partnership & The Synaptic Trust

We are writing to share exciting news about Inspire Partnership Academy Trust, which leads Foxfield Primary School, Rockliffe Manor Primary School and Woodhill Primary School in Greenwich, as well as Elaine Primary School and Maundene Primary School in Medway.

We are delighted to announce that Inspire Partnership will be merging with The Synaptic Trust, which currently has three schools in Croydon. This partnership has been approved by the Department for Education and the trustees of both organisations. Both Inspire and Synaptic engaged in a rigorous selection process as we were each looking for potential trusts to partner with. We believe that we are stronger as part of a larger trust than continuing in a smaller group alone. Synaptic closely aligns with our values and ways of working, making an excellent match for our trusts to come together.

The formal process for coming together will be finalised in early 2020, but staff from Inspire will begin working with staff in Synaptic schools in October, ensuring a smooth transition for both staff and children. 

This is an exciting opportunity for the pupils and staff in all eight schools to benefit from a rich partnership of support and collaboration. Staff will be sharing expertise and learning together, ensuring a culture of high expectations and excellence for every child. 

Both trusts already work to create a climate where excellence flourishes, ensuring schools have strong leadership, engaging teaching and high-quality learning. Pupils and staff in all our schools will further benefit from expanded opportunities for shared learning. Both Inspire and Synaptic have always strived to be collaborative learning communities in which innovation and ideas thrive and outcomes for children continuously improve. By joining together, we will be able to deepen their practice to make that happen, for the benefit of children in all of the schools.

The expanded trust will be called Inspire Partnership Academy Trust. Inspire’s CEO, Rob Carpenter, will lead the trust, and Synaptic’s Interim CEO, Ann Debono, will be joining Inspire to take on a wide strategic role across the trust.

Thank you for your continued support as we begin the process of joining together, giving more children an inspired foundation.

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