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Let's Celebrate! Highlights of Spring Term 2021 at Inspire Partnership

Let's Celebrate! Highlights of Spring Term 2021 at Inspire Partnership

Happy last day of term everyone! We've all faced some incredible challenges throughout this term and it's been so inspiring to see the hard work and collaboration of staff across the Trust to get us through to the other side. Here are a few small wins and big wins we've seen across the Inspire Partnership this term: 


  • We celebrated a wonderful World Book Day with the children both at home and in school dressing up as their favourite book characters. Josh Lacey joined the children for a special WBD assembly via Zoom and the teachers created videos of themselves in character reading their favourite stories


  • After the remote period, the staff have worked so hard to be creative and ensure that children have engaging and active lessons. This is visible in KS1 maths. Year 2 created magic potions using their knowledge of fractions and capacity, while Year 1 did a carousel of activities exploring money and misconceptions.  
  • Red Nose Day was a hilarious day for children and staff alike! Each classroom had its own laugh-o-meter and everyone in the classroom was tasked with getting it all the way to hysterical laughter....some of the jokes were great, some terrible..and some just downright confusing! A great day was had by all and it brought some much needed smiles to everyone’s faces. Enjoy this video of Y6 telling their jokes....

Red Nose Day Video


  • Inspired by their core text Michael Recycle Reception have launched a recycling project in the EYFS building. They have developed 4 rules to help with this. 1. Tidy up 2. Check if its recyclable 3. Check if its clean 4. Put it in the right bin.

  • Through our nurture provision children have been developing our nature garden. They were ecstatic to find that at least 12 frogs returned to our pond to lay their eggs. Children have been excited to investigate the frog spawn.  


  • This term year 5 have been raising money for the charity Refugee Action who aim to help refuges and asylum seekers build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK as part of our Curriculum project outcome. They have done fantastically well and currently have raised £462!


  • Following on from our Woolwich Print Works art project, we have created our very own Foxfield Gallery for all children to enjoy. The children’s prints look spectacular and the children and adults love looking at them as the walk down the stairs.


  • Our Foxfield News continues to be a huge hit with our community. Please take a watch!

  • We held a successful parental engagement session on Raising Anti-Racist Children. This gave us the opportunity to introduce the equality and diversity working party to the parents and to share strategies for parents to use at home.

West Thornton

  • During this term we have held weekly parental zoom sessions on a variety of aspects of school life. The sessions have been well  attended by parents and we have received some great feedback.

  • We have seen good progress with T&L across the school. The teachers have shown some great skill with flip chart. The children are able to talk about how the flip charts support their learning.


  • Teachers across the school have been working hard to model inspiring learning environments. There is a clear ethic of excellence in the way the learning environment is now taking shape.



  • Community Links - We made front page news on the Spring Park Residents’ Association monthly magazine in their January edition and had a centre spread article on our Museum of Hope and autumn 1 recovery curriculum.


  • We had a whole host of events during our reading week which included extreme reading – children photographed themselves reading in unusual places. The photos were shared during the daily class zoom call and on twitter. We also introduced children and parents to Bug Club, an online reading library where children read banded books, answer comprehension questions and earn bug points to use in the online shop.



  • Red nose day/ Whole school skip-a-thon
  • Steel pan group
  • Exciting hook in year 2 for English


Collaboration Matters

  • As part of the global theme Power and Governance and Human Rights Year 1 and 2 pupils organised a whole school food back collection for @Medway_Foodbank.  To encourage collaboration within the wider school community the children created their own video message persuading our families to donate.


Community First

  • To support our school community to feel secure during the wider reopening of the school this March every child was provided with two wooden hearts.  Together with their families the children created a heart for home and one for school.  This supported both children and family to feel connected at all times.  This was celebrated in the Medway Online.


Equality for Everyone / Excellence in Everything

  • To support our children in the specialist provision to have direct access to safe and calming breakout spaces and a sensory circuit the DEC has undertaken a refurbishment.  The children have already benefited from the opportunity to self-regulate and smoothly reintegrate back into their classroom for learning.



  • We welcomed our children back with banners which the children loved!

  • Teachers and children received bracelets to celebrate their achievements in learning during lockdown

  • We contributed to Red Nose Day and dressed up as Superheroes!  


  • We are hosting a relational ‘murder mystery’ event for staff on April 2nd, staff are getting in to character with scripts and outfits! Think 1920s high seas mystery drama!

  • Pastoral team have re-launched our in class nurture and mindfulness sessions, based on the ‘Blob Tree’ to help us explore emotions and feelings
  • Our Teaching Assistants have stepped up and not only been lead learners in school as part of our recovery, but are now leading high quality interventions to help our pupils close gaps in learning
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