Our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum

At the Inspire Partnership we are extremely proud of our curriculum model, which ensures pupils develop core knowledge and skills leading to high quality learning outcomes, as well as developing pupils’ confidence to make a difference in the world.  Click here to see this in action.  We believe the fundamental goal of a world class education is to ensure students make a meaningful contribution within their community and beyond.  For this reason, our curriculum links to Oxfam’s global citizenship and the United Nations sustainable development goals. 

We welcome visits to any of our schools to see how our curriculum is designed and the impact of this.  Click the link here to find out more about visiting.  We have also created a bank of resources to support schools in developing curriculum aspects.  This includes:

  • Global citizenship
  • Assessment of learning
  • Curriculum design principles

Resources linked to our curriculum can be found below. 


Page Downloads Date  
Curriculum Map 11th Mar 2019 Download
Curriculum Statement 11th Mar 2019 Download
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