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Inspire Partnership

Our Offer To You

Working for Inspire Partnership will provide exciting opportunities for candidates who are ambitious, creative and enjoy working in collaboration with others. 

Our professional development core offer is of the highest quality, we are engaged in a range of research projects that are shaping education policy and have an extensive network of schools and organisations we work with.

All of our schools are an inspiration. Our children love to learn, are creative and believe in the ethic of excellence. Our curriculum is dynamic, connects learning with global themes and provides children with opportunities to flourish.


Our schools are also unique and different. They range from one to three forms of entry but capitalise on the Inspire Partnership ethos of collaboration. If you work with us, you will be provided with opportunities to learn with other schools and benefit from specialist teachers.

Whether you are an teaching assistant or an aspiring senior leader, successful candidates will be guaranteed of working with outstanding leadership and receiving the very best support. 


At the Inspire Partnership we are committed to transforming pupil’s lives through collaboration. Professor Viviane Robinson’s research (2011) illustrated that the most effective way that leaders can improve outcomes for children and young people is to focus on professional development. Therefore, a key strand of our Trust work is to develop a highly effective programme of opportunities for colleagues to learn together. Having access to the very best professional development will ensure everyone can maintain the highest quality of practice in their area.


As well as benefiting pupil outcomes, we also know that engagement quality in CPD is a great motivator for staff and research exemplifies that investment in support and development for all staff will improve retention rates and support future recruitment. Our colleagues within the Trust have the opportunity to contribute to the whole Trust through strategy and networking groups with the dual impact of positively influencing their work and providing purpose to their work beyond their own school community.

"If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve, not because they are not good enough but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve"

- Dylan Williams



Here are just a few of the offerings our educators have access to at The Inspire Partnership: 
Teaching Assistants Early Career Teachers  Advanced Teachers/Expert Teachers
  • Trust CPD programmes for various levels
  • Access to external CPD
  • Opportunities to lead others or areas of interest
  • Opportunity to lead TA training
  • Support for ITT 
  • Enchanced ECT induction programme
  • High quality mentorship 
  • Shadow subject/phase leader 
  • Deliver school training in an area of expertise/interest 
  • Opportunity to mentor/coach a colleague
  • Participation in Trust networking/working parties 
  • Be a model of best practice for others 
Middle Leaders  Senior Leaders Headteachers+ 
  • Opportunities for Trust secondments
  • Transfer leadership role to gain breadth of experience
  • Opportunities to present to governors 
  • Explore further studies e.g. Masters degree 
  • Support the performance management process for other staff
  • Attend SLT meetings and develop action plans
  • Coach middle leaders
  • Lead Trust training/projects/network groups/working parties
  • 360 reviews 
  • Leadership shadowing
  • Getting Ahead London (GAL) 
  • Attending governor meetings
  • Participate in recruitment
  • Challenge Partner Reviews
  • Explore further studies e.g. Masters degree
  • Contribute towards Trust development policies/practices
  • Lead Performance Management of others 
  • NPQH
  • 360 reviews
  • Trust network support
  • Visits to schools beyond the Trust 
  • Bespoke coaching






To support these offerings, the Inspire Partnership has its own comprehensive professional development programme. This programme comprises a wide range of training and courses for individuals on all paths of their careers within education. The programme is a blend of both online and in-person professional development sessions and offer a great opportunity to network and share expertise with peers across the UK. Inspire Professional Learning Programmes welcome all colleagues, both within and outside the Inspire Partnership Academy Trust.