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Inspire Partnership

Our Story So Far


In 2013, the partnership was formed from 3 primary schools in Greenwich - Foxfield Primary School, Rockliffe Primary School and Woodhill Primary School. We established a common curriculum framework, a suite of professional development training and networks of excellence shared between our staff. This included policies, planning materials and school improvement tools.

Within 2 years, all 3 schools had improved provision and outcomes for pupils and were judged to be good or outstanding by Ofsted and Challenge Partners. The partnership had established a mature framework for school-to-school support programmes, delivered both locally and across the country.

The Inspire Partnership became a multi academy trust in 2017, one of four partnerships granted permission to create a charitable Trust in Greenwich.


In 2017 we were invited by Medway to support Maundene and then Elaine primary schools, both underperforming with declining standards and pupil outcomes way below national expectations. Within a year, each school had joined the Trust having demonstrated rapid improvement. This was measured by:

  • Self-evaluation judgements
  • External school reviews
  • Challenge Partners reviews
  • Triangulation of data across the schools

The strategy for school improvement focused on the following areas:

  • Development of a global curriculum which prioritised greater depth learning
  • Established training programmes for all staff
  • Strong collaborative leadership
  • High quality outcomes for children across learning disciplines

Where we are now

In 2020, we began a new journey with 4 schools joining the Trust. Delce Academy joined us in March 2020, followed in April 2020 by Forest Academy, West Thornton Academy and Woodside Primary School - all from Croydon.

Now, in 2022 a family of 9 schools, we continue to serve new communities and bringing our 9 schools together as 1 family across 3 regional hubs.