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Support Staff Courses


This year, the Inspire Professional Learning Programme has expanded to provide a more bespoke and detailed offering for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff. These courses are great for those who are new to their roles and are looking for new ways they can be effective and strengthen their practice. We have also added a couple of courses to support TAs who work with children with complex need, to equip them with specialist knowledge and skills to ensure all children have valuable learning experiences. 


Empowering Learners as a New Teaching Assistant

This 5-session programme is designed to enable teaching assistants to support children’s learning more confidently at all stages of their learning journey. These virtual sessions will focus on fostering independence in children rather than creating a sense of ‘learned helplessness’ for pupils who work in guided group. During the sessions, staff will be supported to evaluate their own practice and identify priorities for themselves and the children they work with, taking ownership of their development and identifying ways in which they can continue to progress.

Content Overview: Audience: Sessions: Leaders: Price:
  • Understanding the role
  • Effective scaffolding
  • Language for learning
  • Feedback
  • Questioning
  • Supporting behaviour for learning

Teaching Assistants within 2 years of their career

  • 5 virtual sessions
  • 1.5 hours (8.30am - 10am)

Leanne Billard and Zena Thomasi-Hyde


Supporting Children With More Complex Needs

This 6-session virtual programme is designed for teaching assistants who are closely supporting children with complex needs.

Content Overview: Audience: Sessions: Leaders: Price:
  • Bring EHCPS and learning plans to life
  • Behaviour: work avoidance/self and coregulation
  • Developing independence
  • Supporting sensory needs
  • Using intense interaction/precision teaching to support learning

TAs working 1:1 or supporting pupils with complex needs

  • 6 virtual sessions
  • 1.5 hours (8.30am - 10am)

Jen McKenna and Joanna Eade


Developing Specialist Knowledge In The Role

This 4-session programme will provide specialist knowledge for understanding and supporting children with specific complex needs. 

Content Overview: Audience: Sessions: Leaders: Price:
  • SEMH
  • Dyslexia
  • SALT
  • ASD

All TAs

  • 4 virtual sessions
  • 1.5 hours (8.30am - 10am)

Michael Harris


Leading Yourself And Others To Be The Best You Can Be

This session is a great opportunity for support staff at all levels to reflect on their roles and working within a team. 

Content Overview: Audience: Sessions: Leaders: Price:
  • Emotional resilience
  • Growth mindset
  • Effective feedback – giving and receiving
  • Self and co-regulation

Support Staff

1 full day session, face to face

Lucy Jackson/Hannah Chandler







If you are from a school/Trust outside Inspire Partnership and would like to sign up or find out more information about one of our courses, please contact:

Telephone: 020 7993 3601